Changing Plugin Names

I know it’s not officially possible to change plugin names and I’ve seen people requesting it over the years but I just thought it was worth a post in case there are any secret hacks that I don’t know about. It’s a long shot but would be really great to be able to edit them so that they’re a bit clearer when using a control surface with limited characters on the display.

Any secret techniques to share? :slight_smile:

Which plugins?
If they’re VSTs, just rename the dll file. I do that all the time for plugins with confusing, long or similar filenames.

Sorry, yes I was aware of that for VST2 plugins (does it work with all of them, or just some?). I was talking more about VST3 plugins where this method doesn’t seem to work.

That would be a great feature request for the Plugin Manager, wouldn’t it?

You can change the dll name for VST2 plug-ins, but the name (like the category) is embedded in the plug-in for the VST3 versions.

It would!

And Drag’n’Drop from the Plugin Manager to the tracks/Channels :wink:

I found myself trying to do this without even thinking about it, it would be a +1 from me.
But that’s another FR :wink: