Changing preset on a track while playing

This is for Cubase AI 7 (included with Yamaha keyboards). For some initial testing, I’ve imported some midi files and while playing them, I try to select a track and change the preset (patch / voice) during playback, but I can’t find an option to do this.

Also, in addition to general midi presets, how would I select a keyboard specific preset (in this case a MOXF8), using control change followed by program change?


Is the output of the midi track set to the motif? Are you looking to change options on the motif from the software?

Thank you

Yes, all the midi tracks are being sent out to the motif (MOXF8). I’m trying to select a track on Cubase while it’s playing the midi data, then change the MOXF8’s bank / patch for that channel while Cubase is playing (send out a control change (bank select) and program change (patch or voice) select for that track / channel midi messages).

I would use the MOXF8 Editor which loads as a VST instrument to control the functions of the keyboard.