Changing presets on hardware with Cubasis

Hello there Is there a way to send me the cc out of Q basis to hardware to switch presets?

Hi Undothis,

Cubasis’ CC parameter can be configured for MIDI output.
Program change and bank select are available among others, please find more info here.

Hope that helps.


Hello thank you Lars,

So it looks like one can’t. It would need a bank and preset CC change. Am I incorrect? So in Ableton there is a section to specify the preset and bank change and the midi channel for external synths. Thank you!

Hi Undothis,

Program changes are supported via MIDI CC in Cubasis!

Basically it works like this:

  • Create a MIDI track
  • Set the track routing in the Inspector/Routing tab to match to your hardware
  • Tap the instrument icon in the track list and choose “No instrument”
  • Choose the “DRAW” tool to create an empty MIDI event in the Arranger
  • Double tap the MIDI event to open it in the MIDI editor
  • Tap the display on the lower left and choose “Program change” from the list
  • Use the draw tool to create (“draw in”) a program change

Please have a look at this clip provided by one of our users, which visualises the required steps:
Cubasis 2 Program Changes sent from a midi track to a Line 6 POD HD500X via an iRigmidi2

Hope that helps!