Changing project folder


how can I change the project folder of an existing Cubase project. Basically, I want the project folder to be the one the cpr file is in. In one of my projects, the project folder is the folder of a different project (and thus saving all the audio files to this wrong folder). I have no idea how this did happen, and I simply want to change the folder. How can I do this?

Thanks in advance,

Create a backup project. File > Backup Project Create a folder where you want it to go. I would probably do it for both projects. Check they are both ok, then delete the original project folder.

Yes this is exactly the purpose Backup was designed for even though the name Backup in English implies something more akin to a system file backup which this is not. It would be more accurate if it were called something like Move or Relocate.

I’ve often wondered if this is a case where the German name for the function is not ambiguous while the English transition is? Anyone using the German version of Cubase care to comment.

I found an easier way to do it: I renamed the wrongly used folder, opened the project and cubase was asking me to set a project folder. I set the right folder (the folder where the cpr File is in) and moved all missing Audio files.

The German version says: [Backup des Projekts erstellen…] wich means “Create a backup of the project”. So we have the same missleading name in the German version as well. But maybe it is supposed to be used for a backup? I simply backup the whole project folder to a external storage, but maybe there are case, where you have files outside of the project folder, that will be copied with the backup function?

Anyway, thanks for your answers :slight_smile: