Changing rhythmic grid resolution not working

Hello, I’ve noticed that changing the rhythmic grid resolution doesn’t work for me in D5 neither with a short key Alt-] / Alt-[, nor via the menu Write - Rhythmic Grid.

I tried several scores, also ones created with Dorico 4 and Demo scores by Dorico

Is it a bug or Am I missing something?

Would appreciate your help, thanks

You can’t select any value in the menu for rhythmic grid?

That’s unusual. You’re on version 5.0.20 of Dorico? and what OS?

I presume you’ve quit and relaunched?

I can select the different values in the menu but it does not affect the chart or the full score.
The key commands don’t work also.

I am on Dorico 5.0.20 Windows 10
My PC is from 2016 but it still runs OK
Intel i7-6700 CPU @3.40GHz, 3401 MHz, 8 Logical Processor(s)

Tried to quit the program and restart the PC

Have you tried resetting your key commands to default?

Make sure if you do, that you back the current key command file up first!

No, but it does not work from the menu as well…

What about the little control in the bottom left of the window?


In what way is the change in rhythmic grid not affecting the score?

I was never aware of this little control and its function. What doe it do?

Tried to tackle this - no change

It shows you and allows you to select the rhythmic grid duration.

You mean you can’t set the value there? Something must be very wrong with your setup.
Is any other part not working? It’s very strange to have one function not working in such a particular way.

@alkeys12 can you do a screen recording of what happens?

Thanks, everyone, for your replies. I think I got it.
The main reason for me is to use it for editing note duration on the fly (Shift-Alt-> / Shift-Alt-<)

I was expecting the greyed line above the staves that displays the grid when pressing the Alt / Cmd visibly to change after changing the value in the menu or pressing Alt-] /Alt [.

I’ve noticed that the greyed rhythmic grid (Alt) changes only after changing the grid in the Note Input (Shift-N or click inside the bar + Enter). I should enter the note input - make the change in the

If I am not in the note input mode pressing making changing grid values through the menu or Alt-] is not visible (Alt) on the greyed line above the staves. I think in Dorico Pro 4 it was working instantly

Screen recording:

This shows the grid (bottom left) changes correctly.

There does seem to be a change - selecting via the System Track does indeed respond to rhythmic grid resolution changes instantly in Dorico 4, and now (in D5) needs you to go into note entry mode first.


Thank you :musical_keyboard: pianoleo