Changing rhythms (Question from MOLA video)


In the MOLA conference video, you demonstrate a rhythm that is ultimately in 5/8:
Original Rhytm.jpeg
You make the note values dotted. And you should get something like this, based on the dotted rhythm:
Should be 1.jpeg
However, you ended up getting this:
but this.jpeg
which is not 100% correct.
The red circle shows where it didn’t dot the second note. Is this because the note somehow was not selected?


No, the third note ended up tied because of the beat grouping in 5/8, which is 3+2. Our default notation options won’t use a dot to cross a beat group boundary, so you end up with an eighth tied to a sixteenth across that beat grouping boundary.


Perhaps I misunderstood the original question. When overwrite mode is enabled, if you select two notes and hit the rhythm dot button, only the first note will become dotted: the second one has its start overwritten by the lengthening of the previous one, so it is then ignored for the rest of the edit. If, on the other hand, insert mode is enabled, all of the selected notes will become dotted (or at least have their durations lengthened such that they could be notated with a dot), and the overall length of the selected passage is increased.

Ah, thanks for the clearification!

So in overwrite mode, if I have 2 eighth notes, highlight both notes and select the dot, the rhythm becomes dotted eighth, sixteenth?

That’s correct.

That’s brilliant!! And that explains what happened in the MOLA video.

WOW! I cannot wait to get my hands on this software!

That is very nice! :smiley: Dotted rhythms are such a pain to notate in Sibelius.

Daniel, in the example with the two eighth notes, would it also suffice to select only the first note to change it into dotted? Overwrite mode assumed, of course!

Yes, Benji, absolutely.