Changing sample rate mid-project? (NO audio, only VST's)

Basically, I have a few projects of all MIDI that were done at a sample rate of 48khz (my audio interface was set at 48 which in turn causes Cubase to set at 48). But before I start recording audio, I want the project to convert to 96.

I simply can change my audio interface to be set at 96, and cubase sets to 96 along with that, but when I play those projects, the tempo is messed up along with the pitch and what not.

This process actually worked in a couple projects where nothing was negatively affected after the change to 96, but there are still some projects that sound completely messed up. Is there an easier way to go by this? Like I said, there aren’t any audio tracks recorded yet, just MIDI…thanks!

Check the sample rate for your audio interface in the Control Panel.