Changing sampling rates without changing pitch

Is there any way in Cubase 12 Pro of changing sampling rates without changing pitch. If I Download a 44.1 KHz sample, can I convert it to 48 KHz without changing the pitch?

The default behaviour is that when you drag in a file from media browser or file explorer that isn’t the same sample rate, Cubase asks if you want it converted. This does not affect pitch.

Alternatively, it can be done in the project pool.
See video below for explanation:

And you can define the standard behavior of the import with preferences.

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It changes the rate, but the pitch changes also. essentially any 44.1KHz recording will sound slower and dragged out at 48 KHz. To demonstrate this, I converted to 96 KHz. It doubles the length and sounds like a 44 RPM LP at 33 RPM. Am I missing something?

Yes, obviously.
A sample rate conversion done right will not change the pitch. That’s the entire reason for it.
Only unchanged material will sound with the wrong pitch.

What did you convert?
The project? Again, you get asked what should happen.
If not, you clicked “Don’t ask again” sometimes in the past.
If the pitch changes, you choose the wrong option.

I went into the pool. right clicked. convert file. I chose the 96KHz option. did its thing. Everything else remained the same- except the file name - started a new one. I then moved that wav file into a track. It extended the file to double the original length- and of course it sounded sloooow. Is there more to it. You mentioned converting project? I converted just the wave file.

What’s the projects sample rate?

Which tool do you use?

The project sample rate stays the same. That’s your problem.
You don’t understand how it works.

If you convert something inside the pool, it doesn’t get imported again.
If you import a file from outside Cubase, then it gets converted to the project settings. If its already in the project, you need to set the correct settings if you need to do any conversation.

Got it. Thank you.