Changing sounds

Can I change the sound of a player in Dorico?
I thought I did that some days ago. But now I cannot find this function anymore.


Can you simply choose a new sound in the Halion slot for that player?
Or do you mean assign more than one instrument to a player (like a Sax player swapping to Clarinet)?

I mean simply choosing a new sound for a player. But I cannot see where to do this (Halion slot?).


Play mode > right hand panel (VST Instruments) > click on the e on the left of Halion Sonic SE > the player opens > in the Multi program rack choose the channel for which you want to to change te sound > click on the little arrow on the right > >find the instrument you want > click on it and it loads

I still have not been able to find out, though (asked in another thread), how to change the instrument for a player at some given point, such as switching a saxophone to clarinet for example at bar 15 or wherever (no specific procedure in the documentation I can find), and how this affects transposition in the part etc

Clicking on the “e” only did lead to the “e” beeing highlighted.

But now I switched to “Symphonic Orchestra” and then back to “HALion Sonic SE” and the HALion SE Rack Window is opened after clicking the “e”.


It might be that the HALion window is opened correctly, but ends up lurking behind the Dorico window: try moving the Dorico window aside to see if the HALion window is underneath.

In Windows (7) the HALion icon appears in the Taskbar at the bottom of the screen when open, which allows instant access.

If you have assigned multiple instruments to a (solo) player, look in Galley View (after entering a note in any part in Page View), where that player will have two staves assigned.