Changing space size causes collisions

In this project, when I change the space size to get slightly larger staves, the flow headers collide with the music in their respective flows.

I can remove page overrides to fix the collisions, but as I understand the nature of page overrides, I’m not seeing why they would prevent the page from spacing appropriately in this scenario.

UPDATE: Hmm. The Flow Header top margin is set to 42.52pt. When I set it to 42 pt, everything snaps into place (and those are some big spacing changes that result).

Now I’m really confused. It seems like Dorico is just “resetting” the spacing. Setting the flow header margins to integers allows me to alternate between Size 4, 3, and 2. But when I choose Size 1, the spacing problem returns.

There are some strange things about that aspect of Dorico I’ve run into myself. No matter what I do, there is always at least one page I have to insert frame or system breaks or else they’ll crowd everything together. I’ll check on the margins - perhaps it doesn’t like decimals?

No, it’s not that. Dorico spaces everything just fine until I change the space size. It has to do with the page override, and the flow header margins. It’s just a bit unusual.

Once a page is overridden, the positions of the Flow Headings become static. Hopefully this makes it clear: