Changing staff names from flow to flow.

Hello Dorico users
Can anyone pls tell me how easy / possible / difficult it is to change Instrument names at the beginning of a new flow.
For instance, let’s say I have a file with a dozen flows, and it has four staves for S.A.T.B.
Is it possible in the first flow to have the full choir singing (S.A.T.B.)…
then at the beginning of another flow to have the S. staff relabeled “Children”?
Of course, I want to do this without introducing new instruments to the score or making instrument changes.

There’s a cheat. If you set up each your four staves as section players, it’s possible to put a Divisi (that only actually shows one stave) at the start of each flow. This can be renamed to whatever you like. See for the workflow.

The other, more straightforward option, is to have a “children” stave and a only assign it to the flows where that part sings.

I think this is a prime example of when old habits from other programs creep in to a dorico workflow. (I’ve done funny things like this too.). Think the Dorico way. Need a player? Add the player to the flow/layout where it’s needed. There’s no real sense (as best I can tell; unless you’re trying to generate condensing/expansion arrows) doing it the cheat way, even though, as Leo’s link shows, it IS possible.

Thanks Leo and Romanos
I was aware of Romanos’s approach. I wanted to avoid bringing in any more players, but maybe I’ll do that.
Leo’s is more ingenious, but I think it means changing my S. to section players (and maybe ATB as well), which I think would take a while.
Thanks to you both.

I frequently add additional players in order to ‘solve’ a variety of display situations, such as different order of instruments, different names, or different capabilities (e.g. Add Staves for Solo; Divisi for Sections). It may not be the tidiest solution, but it works well until features in new versions remove the need for it.

To change them to section players, all you would need to do is add 4 empty section players, drag the voice instruments to those players, then delete the original solo players. You wouldn’t have to copy the material manually or anything.