Changing staff names (player names) not possible

Dear All,

I am using Dorico 5 Elements and I would like to change the names as in the menu (2).
When I change the names (3) and then click ok (4), no change is overtaken and (5) is as it was before.

Is that a bug or did I miss an option?

Thanks and best regards,


IIRC This is a known situation the Team is endeavoring to put back aright.
One can in most circumstances opt to use the Player name instead, if only as a stopgap, although if one has a player holding multiple instruments this will create a problem.

ok thanks, then I will wait for the next version that will fix it.

Yes, this is indeed a small bug in the latest Dorico Elements update. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience. We will have this fixed as soon as possible.

I can confirm, with Version (Apr 18 2024) working!
Thanks fox fixiing it.
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