Changing Tempo of Audio Wav Files

Hi there new to Cubase, I am having problems changing the tempo of Wav files I am importing into Cubase 7. For example I have a vocal at 100bpm when I change the tempo down to 98bpm to slow it down it does the opposite and speeds up then when I speed the vocal up to 105bpm it slows down. I want to slow the vocal down to 98bpm so its slower when played back, thanks for any help.

Not sure you are hearing what is happening right but think I understand what you want to do.

Quick tutorial:

Import the audio track. Select the ‘event’ you imported.

Upper menu-Audio>Bounce Selection. Replace events.

That locks the new file to Cubase tempo.

Now Double click on the event to bring up the Sample Editor. Toggle the musical note looking icon at top of screen.

Now any tempo adjustments you make in Cubase will make the track speed up or slow down without pitch change.

Hope that helps.

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Simply toggle the musical note icon on the selected track…this puts it in “musical mode” for timestretching!

I think you’re changing the tempo of the item in the pool rather than the tempo of the song?? That would have the opposite effect - e.g. song at 100bpm, wav at 50bpm means it is played at 100bpm, so twice as fast. You would need to change the tempo of the song either using the tempo track or in the transport bar (if you’ve not got then Tempo track Activated - button in the transport bar left of the tempo box).


Thanks for the help, I know how to change the tempo in the transport panel this Is not what I am trying to do, I am trying to change the tempo of the imported wav file in the sample editor. I open an empty project in Cubase, I set the tempo in the transport panel to 100 then I import the wav file which has been recorded at 100bpm. Now when I double click it and open the sample editor the tempo is on 68.37, the beats is on 3 and the bars 61. when I play this it plays too fast and does not sound right, When I change the tempo in the sample editor to 100 the beats automatically change to 1 and bars to 90, now it has slowed down and sounds right, Why when I changed the tempo in the sample editor from 68.37 to 100 did it slow down is it not suppose to speed up when I move the tempo up? the higher I move the tempo up in the sample editor the slower it gets the lower I change the tempo the faster it gets, I am just trying to change the tempo of the imported wav file from 100bpm to 98bpm.

Try to look at:
Tempochange c7.5 Tempochange c7.5 - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

The tempo number in the sample editor (the same as in the pool) is defining the tempo of the audio file. Then when set to musical mode, the audio file is adjusted to play at the speed of the song’s bpm. So…

a) If you record an audio file at 100bpm, define the tempo of the audio file as 100bpm, then it play it at 100bpm then it plays in time.

b) If you then say the tempo of the audio file is actually 50bpm but the song is still at 100bpm then it will be played twice as fast to turn it from 50bpm into 100bpm.

c) If you then say the tempo of the audio file is at 200bpm then it’ll be played at half speed to turn it from 200bpm into 100bpm.

So, upping the bpm in the sample editor makes the file play slower, and reducing it makes it play faster.

What you probably want to do is set the sample editor value to 100bpm (because the audio was recorded at 100bpm) and then change the project tempo to 98bpm (because you want the audio to play at 98bpm).


Thanks for the help mike, I set the audio wav to 100bpm in the sample editor and the tempo in the transport panel to 98 then switched it to musical mode that’s what I was trying to do thanks.

Jimmy. formerly it was using musical mode on samples. This i was looking for! thanks a lot.

That is how i normally did it. But for some reason it didn’t work anymore. Now with his method (alternate method or not) it worked. I can continue my project. woohoo