Changing tempo of samples in Halion 5

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Just a wee query here. Have lots of loops loaded up in Halion, and i need to increase the tempo in some but don’t know how to do it! I have a few loops i would like to use in my project but they are 120bpm and project is 138bpm. Can anyone help? In my old set up i had recycle which done the job but don’t have it anymore. Can sample tempo’s be altered in Halion. I know you can increase using pitch and octave but would rather keep the original sound instead of pitching.


In the zone editor in Halion 5, you have something called audiowarp. Set it to musical mode for each sample you want to have in sync, and up you go.
Audiowarping resamples the entire sample to the main tempo maintaining the pitch and frequency spectrum of the sample.

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Hi, sorry to bring this up after so long, but I can’t find such audiowrap stuff in Halion6, can someone help me? I have a sample )called “energy draw” under “anima” content set - I’d like to change the tempo to be faster. thanks in advance!