Changing the automatic Volume Sensitivity

I used to use Halion 3 with a lot of custom buildt drumset fxb’s. I´ve managed to import all of these into halion 4, making a new library for each FXB with different programs for kick - sanre - perc - etc. So instead of having a few fxb’s, I now have a lot of programs in the Halion 4 MediaBay.

The issue I´m having is the Volume Sensitivity (How hard I hit my keyboard deciding the volume of the sample played). In Halion 3 I set the volume sensitivity to 100% in the options settings, and when that was at 100%, it applied to every program I loaded.

In Halion 4 I found the knob in the Envelope section in Zone(called Vel>Lev). It appears to be automatically set to 50% (which gives me little to no difference between 20 to 127 velocity) in every single of my programs - probably a few hundred custom made drum programs.

Is there any way to set this automatically to 100% for every instrument I use in Halion 4 without having to load every one of my custom programs, set it to 100%, and saving it again?