Changing the default 0:00 time position for a song

Is this possible?
I’ve played around with ‘Project Settings’ and ‘Set Timecode at cursor’ but can’t seem to get it right

eg I want
for 60BPM song (to make it easy 1 beat = 1 second)

set bar 10 == 0:00:00
so bar 11 == 0:00:04
and bar 9 = -0:00:04

Not quite sure what you are expecting but that should work. Just set tempo bpm to 60. Then moving the cursor by 1 bar will result in 4sec increment. What result are you getting?

Leave Project Setup as Bars and Beats, no offsets - Set tempo 60BPM…Put cursor at bar ten and select set timecode at cursor - change it to 00:00:00:00.

That’s it…open Time Display or add a ruler track set to show timecode to confirm as expected.

“Set timecode at cursor” is the way to go. Maybe if you sacrifice a little bit of your time, to explain, what exactly you “can’ t seem to get right”, maybe someone will sacrifice a little bit of his / her time, to help you

Hmm perhaps its just me, if its working for you guys
using “Set timecode at cursor” (though at at different BPM than 60)

as you can see it saiz instead of -10seconds it reads -1 23:59:50 (first I thought it was an unsigned int error but after further thought its not that)

Its always showed this for me CB pro last few versions
Its not a major PITA for me, its just been bugging me for a few years, so I thought perhaps I’ve just been doing it wrong

Ah…I see what you mean.
Yeah, that’s just how it is. It correctly shows like this for timecode…but does the same for seconds which you would think would show the minus seconds figures rather than an absolute time.