changing the key of audio trk w/o effecting other parameters

Hi all, hope everyone is well in home recording land!! My question is this;

Is it possible to change the key on a prerecorded audio track without effecting the tempo or compromising the audio quality. I vaguely remember seeing a seminar showing that it is possible. If so can someone please hip me to the process and how it’s done.

Many thanks!


Cubase 6 Custom Built PC - 3.4mh 16GB RAM - Windows 7 64bit - Motu 424PCI Card - 2408Mk3, 2408Mk1

Another one with no system or Cubase specs.

Specs listed now. Anyone willing to offer an answer or suggestions?? Thanks!

Hi gruvpig, and a lovely name that is!

In the Audio>Process menu there is something called Pitch Shift or Pitch correct, maybe that will be helpful. There is also a cubase 6 plug in called something like Pitch Correct and of course VariAudio, but I think those last two are mainly used for vocals.

But the thing is, audio quality is always affected, it just boils down to whether the result is acceptable to you. Little pitch shifts usually sound better than bigger ones.

Hope that’s a little helpful but if not post back and someone else will come along.

Thanks for the post Alexis. I am aware of all that you mentioned and was hoping that there were other solutions than Pitch Shift or correction. VariAudio would not do the job. I will hold out in hopes that some other wiz here might have a better solution for me. Thanks so much for your answer and compliment. :slight_smile:

What is the problem with opening the manual and reading about “transpose”.