Changing the language on Cubase 8

Is there a way you guys can help?
My Cubase7.5 is in English and my updated Cubase Artist 8 is on Portuguese.
I wish to change the language back to English because when I payed for the update they didn’t ask me which language I wanted, so I had no choice.
I’m only used to English because it was the language where I learned to use Cubase.




Click to Cubase Artist (on Mac) or File (on Windows) menu, and select Preferences. In the Preferences, find “General” on the left side, and then, on the right side, change “Language”, to “English”. Restart your Cubase. In Portuguese langue, it is: Arquivo > Preferencias > Geral > Idioma > English, click Aplicar, or OK, and restart your Cubase.

thank you very much!