Changing the line number of lyric lines

Hello, in your help section about the this topic it’s written :

If a lyric line with the same number already exists at the same position on the same side of the staff, the two lines switch. For example, if there is already a Line 1 at the rhythmic position where you want to change Line 2 to Line 1, then the existing Line 1 becomes Line 2 to accommodate your most recent preference. The same applies to chorus lines and lyric line translations.

I wrote an arrangement for a song and for the first couple of steps I used two lines of lyrics. Then I decided that I want to do a little different arrangement for the 2e verse so I did copy paste and I tried to make the second line the first. Since then I’m spending long minutes/hours on editing the line numbers because every time I’m changing one section for line 1, another section cahges for line 2. How can I juste change all lyrics to line 1 ?



Assaf, you can select the stave (with the music of the singer), filter Lyrics, and then - in the Property Panel at the bottom change the Lyrics line to 1.

Thanks, sadly, it also chages the lyrics before to Line 2, and then when I try to chage it also, what was line 1 becomes again line 2. It does exactly what described in dorico help, the only way I solve it for now is to re-type the lyrics…

Can you show some screenshots of what you’re trying to do? I can’t visualise it from the description, except for changing the lyrics from verse 2 to verse 1, which you’ve said isn’t what you want.

so look at this phrase, the “a” (and everything before) is Line 1 and the “li” (and everything after) is Line 2.

Now I’m doing this manipulation :

And the results : the “a” (and everything before) is became Line 2 and the “li” (and everything after) is Line 1.

Have you tried using the Property Panel (at the bottom)?
Have you tried to Select All and then Filter by All Lyrics?


Thanks, with the Property Panel it works :slight_smile: I had no idea this is how it calls, sorry…

good, you got it working :+1:t2:

It’s possibly because you’re in Galley View. Try it in Page View.

Assaf, please consider hyphenating lyrics as in the dictionary (lit·tle, rest·less). When you always break at a vowel, the pronunciation can become unreadable. (This is a very old argument that I don’t want to start again, but after seeing these examples I could not resist mentioning it.)