Changing the Octave of clefs

Please see attached JPEGs.
This post is related to my Guitar Octave post.
I am unable to implement “Octave Shift” in the properties panel of either of the 2 instruments in this fragment.
The link to documentation is here:
Changing the octave of clefs (
If I click on a clef (as the documentation says) nothing happens in the Properties panel. I never see an opportunity to “activate 8ve shift in the clefs group” ,because there is no clefs group in the properties panel. I do not see a “clefs group” anywhere in the properties panel. Can someone show me where it is? Please see attached JPEGs
To elaborate… the documentation says:

  1. Select the clefs whose octave you want to change. You can do this in Write mode and Engrave mode. <No, I cannot do this. When I select a clef in Write or Engrave mode nothing happens>>>
  2. In the Properties panel, activate Octave shift in the Clefs group.
    There is no clefs group in the properties panel>

You probably need to override the default clef.
In the staff whose clef you wish to change, click on the first note or rest at the very start of the music. Then use the clefs popover to enter a treble clef (shift-C, G, ). Then click on this new clef. You should now be able to see a Clefs section in the Properties panel.

P.S. The link you put in your original post goes to the Dorico 3.5.12 page.

Thanks for the awesome reply Stephen . It worked. I have been trying to get Guitar at concert pitch in the Full Score for 4+ hours and your answer solved it. And the Guitar part itself is still pitched correctly. I simply assumed that Dorico could not want me to “re-enter” a clef, since there already was one there. Dorico said “you have input clefs”. It never said to re-enter a clef…

Regarding a link to Dorico 3.5, I am truly lost in that “world” because a lot of the documentation (and videos) are not updated on basic topics. So, most of the instructional videos on the basis are from early versions of Dorico and I never know if they are relevant. I am in Dorico 5.0 pro. Does the documentation say something different on this topic? Again, Thank-you!!!

It’s basically the same, but maybe some of the information is not arranged quite the same. The link to the Dorico Pro 5 manuals (online and PDF versions) is:

Lillie is constantly updating the manuals - including new features, explaining any changes to how existing features work, corrections where needed, and so on. She also listens to feedback from users regarding things such as search terms, accuracy, usability, etc.

Is it by any means possible for my Full Score to notate the guitar part in treble and bass clefs, concert pitch? I already have the concert pitch solved, thanks to you. The Clefs override does not seem to allow me to add a bass clef to the guitar part. I am fine with that,just wondering if it’s possible.