Changing the order of Players

Hello, can I please somehow prevent my Players order frHello, can I please somehow prevent my Players order from constantly changing with each addition or removal of another? Thank you, it’s incredibly annoying. I’m using a fixed layout of instruments in the score and Dorico keeps changing it for me.

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See the “Tip” at the end of the page

Wow - none is the best solution for me. Very thanks.

Can you give a specific example of what is happening? And maybe with a project?

I’ve just thought that maybe you mean neither None, Orchestral or Band are suitable? If so, what are you after?

Maybe I spelled it wrong. I’m happy with the setup “Sort Players: None”. That’s exactly what I need. My point was to keep Dorico from interfering with my order. Thanks again for the advice.

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Ohhhhhhhh I’ve just realised what’s happened :man_facepalming: Glad it’s sorted!