Changing the page orientation


I’m working in Landscape mode. Every time before I print I find myself changing the “print mode” to landscape, I try to save the file after and it doesn’t work. Is there any way it can be automatic ?
No reason to work in a landscape mode and prit in portrait (I read the comments on the Dorico help, but still it doesn’t make any sens).


Are you using the print options on the left, or using the panel on the right to export to PDF? What’s the layout orientation set to in Layout Options?

I uses the Print button (down left) on the Print tab. The layout orientation on Layout Options is Landscape.

Try using the panel on the right to print or export layouts - that panel should remember your previous settings. (See this thread where users discuss the difference between the system print dialogs on the left and Dorico’s built-in print/export functions in the panel on the right)

Thanks a lot !
I’ve never noticed that other “print”/“export” button…