Changing the size of cue notes


I have the following situation: above every orchestral part, I want to have the soloist as a cue on a separate staff. I would like to use the cue function for this. However, I also want the entire “cue staff” to be smaller. Therefore, when I add the cure notes onto that staff they are doubly smaller: once because the staff is smaller and once beacuse they are a cue region.

Is there any way to change the size of the notes in the cue region?
Or would anybody have any other tips on how to handle this?


You could do this:

Or, you could do this:

But it will change the size of all your system object wherever this stave is. You can, of course, rescale them if you need to.

One other thought I had:
Create another instrument with identical music to cue but make it cue sized. So, you are actually cueing cue sized music…

Or just add the soloist player to all part layouts, make the soloist staff smaller in the other parts (the right-click staff size option applies per-layout, not globally), and use hide empty staves and manual staff visibility as needed to hide the soloist as/when required?


Another thought has struck me: you can change the cue scale factor globally in Engraving Options.

If you don’t need small-sized cues on regular staves elsewhere in this project, you could make the cue scale size “1”, so that they appear the correct size on small staves?

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Yes! Right after posting I went to double check and saw the engraving option to change cue note scale factor :joy: So that’s how to do it! Too bad one can’t do it on a per cue basis, but it should work here!