Changing the tempo (grid) without affecting midi data

Hi all,

I’ve recently bought a Yamaha MOXF 6 and I’ve installed Cubase AI 7. I’ve noticed that there are some differences with Cubase 5 and I don’t know how to do certain things yet.

My problem is the following: I’ve have some “ripped” midi data from an old videogame and I’d like to make a new version on the basis of the original data, but the resulting midi file is fixed at 100 bpm. But this tempo is ficticious, as it has nothing to do with the “real” tempo of the tracks. For instance, the actual tempo of some track is 120 bpm, so there is no adjustment between the grid and the actual measures of the song. Is there some way to adjust the grid to the real tempo of the track, without affecting the actual midi data? That is, if the lengh of a note is one second, I need that the tempo is set at 120 bpm instead of 100 bpm while the lenght is still of one second. This way I could do better quantization and it would be much easier to introduce changes in the tracks.

In older versions od Cubase it was pretty easy to make grid adjustments, but I don’t know how to do the same in AI 7. Please help!

Thanks in advance!

You need to include the tempo information of the MIDI file on import.

Thanks for your reply. But how is it done? I cannot find an option to set the tempo when importing midi file… :cry:

In Cubase 5 it’s very easy to modify the grid without affecting hte midi data; just wondering if this is possible also in AI7…

In the MIDI import options in preferences " ignore mastertrack on merge" or named similar - should be unticked

It is not possible for MIDI tracks in Cubase Essential 5, so I guess it also is not possible in AI 7