Changing the time signature in a piece


I am trying to change the time signature in a piece, and I have been reading around in the forum to find out how to do it. I have successfully changed the time signature, but other issues arise. I have two instances in which issues come about, here is what is happening:

-In one situation, I add a new measure, select the bar line in the beginning of the new measure, press “I,” and then creat the time signature in the “creat the time signature” panel. The time signature is created, but when I paste the music I want to go there, two problems happen in two different situations:

  1. All of the music for that instrument after the time signature change is pushed forward (I have another time signature change after the initial time signature change).

  2. The music for one instrument is split up and a new measure is created after the time signature change (there is no new time signature after the initial time signature change in this case). Example-there is marimba and piano music happening at the same time, and now the marimba music is made into a new measure after the piano part.

Anyways, it looks like my problems are happening after I make the time signature change. Any help is appreciated, thanks.


Well it looks like I solved my own issue. I pressed “I”, and re-entered the existing time signature for the measure after the measure with the time signature change, and now it works. Let me know if that is the way you would do it, thank you!

To quote the manual:

“Time signatures apply until the next time signature change or the end of the flow, whichever
comes first…”
“Dorico Pro does not automatically add beats to fill bars when you input time signatures,
unless Insert mode is activated…”

Having created the new time signature and the space for your notes, a common error is to forget to switch off the insert mode when you come to paste in those new notes!

Once you realise your mistake, I suggest you use ctrl-z to back out…

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