Changing the tuning pitch creates playback problems in microtonal notation

mute note

I changed the reference pitch from A= 440 Hz to 442Hz in the Playback Options. This resulted in occasional mute notes. In the enclosed example, the seventh note is mute in NotePerformer. I tested with two other VST instruments that respond to Dorico’s microtonal notation (Pianoteq and Steinberg’s Retrologue), and that same note remains mute. Deleting that note and re-entering it does not help. I am now unable to export an audio file with all the notes, and my musicians would need one when they practice their microtonal pitches. The original 440Hz version works but the the musicians want 442.

Not a real solution of course, but you could speed up the exported audio by 0.4545% in an external editor to get the same result, while the difference in tempo would be negligible.

Or in Audacity, there’s the option to raise pitch without changing tempo. It really produces excellent results. A full step isn’t really noticeable!

Thank you, I did what you suggested. I hadn’t thought of this although I 've done this same operation many times before, to create differently tuned versions for soundtracks. I do have good quality pitch shift software but I simply processed the files in Cubase without time correction. It allows only full cents while 442/440 is 7.85 cents but that’s fine, as the tuning of the samples in NotePerformer varies quite a bit, anyway. (Retrologue and Pianoteq are better in tune.)