Changing time base for the whole score

Hi, good people. I’ve imported a MIDI file, created in 4/4, as in the pic. But I’d like to notate it in 12/8. This means increasing the note values of everything in the file, and then changing the time signature (or vice versa). Is there an easy way to do this?
Thanks. Capture

Unfortunately there’s no automatic way to do this at the moment, but with Insert mode activated you should be able to do it reasonably easily: for the bar you’ve shown here, for example, you can select the four quarters in the upper staff and hit the . (full stop, period) key to make them dotted, and for the lower staff, you can select the whole bar, then do Edit > Filter > Tuplets to select the tuplet brackets/numbers, and hit Delete. Make sure you have Insert mode active.

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Thanks Daniel @dspreadbury. I was able to go back to the DAW and re-jig things there, and being Cubase, it wasn’t too big a job. :slight_smile: