Changing time signature during a song

I have Cubase LE 9. I am producing a song that has two time signatures, and need to change the time signature for the chorus. I read all about changing tempo by using the Tempo Track Editor. It is quite easy to change tempo during the piece, but I cannot by any means figure out how to change the time signature. In the manual, it shows the Tempo Track Editor with 3 different time signatures, so I know it is possible, but I see no means of how to do that. It you could help me with this, I would be most appreciative. Thank you.
David Gilbert


Add a Signature track. Then you can make a Signature change “markers”/events there.

Taht´s not available in LE.


Oh, I have to say I didn’t expect this. But according to the comparison chart, you are totally right. This feature is in Cubase Pro and Artist only.

Then you can do it in the Tempo Track Editor.

I have recently upgraded from LE8 to Elements 10.
The 1st song I recorded changed from 4/4 time to 2/4 time and back throughout the song.
This was easily done by placing the cursor at the bar to change and editing the 4/4 to a 2/4 in the transport bar, then, move the cursor 1 bar and change it back to 4/4.
However, I have created 2 new songs and now if I change the time signature at any cursor position it changes the signature of the whole song!
Has anyone else had this problem and solved the issue?


If you change the Time Signature in the Transport Panel, it doesn’t create a new Time Signature event at the position, where is the Cursor positioned. It just changes the last Time Signature before the cursor. The tempo change works the very same way.

So if you don’t have any Time Signature event in the project, it will change the very 1st (and only one) Time Signature. Therefore the whole project Time Signature. You have to create the Time Signature event first (in the Tempo Track Editor in Cubase LE/AI/Elements or in the Signature Track in Cubase Artist/Pro).

Thank you Martin, that has helped me to continue with my project.


I am working with Cubase LE 8.
I am trying to record a song which starts in 4/4 at 160bpm and then changes and end to 3/4 at 220bpm, but I don’t get to make it work. Is there any solution?
I managed to change the time signature in the Tempo Track but when I change the tempo it changes on the entire song.

Thanks a lot.

Hi and welcome,

You can do so in the Tempo Track Editor. Please make sure the Tempo Track is activated (the button in the left top corner is orange).

Oh that’s wonderfull, thanks a lot! I didn’t saw that button in the left corner.