Changing time unit in fixed tempo mode

Is there a way to change the time unit in fixed tempo mode? I would like to use dotted quarter note instead of quarter note and can’t find out how to do it (other than adding a tempo mark)

I now see that the tempo is assigned to the beat unit depending on the time signature. So if the time signature is 6/8 the value you enter is assigned to the dotted quarter note. Th quarter note in the transport really means the beat unit.

There is definitely something strange going on here.

If I open a file, where the beat unit is dotted quarter notes, I get this:

The transport bar shows a different beat unit than the mini transport in the toolbar.

When I deactivate and reactivate the fixed tempo mode, the dot in the mini transport bar get’s lost:

I don’t know, if this is a known issue.

I have also noticed the difference between both transports.

My previous comment is not correct. The fixed tempo does not use the quarter dotted in compound meters. Now it’s using the eighth note as beat unit.

The unit you specify for your metronome mark has no bearing on the unit that Dorico chooses to show in the Transport, which instead comes from the time signature.

Daniel, this is not true for me:
Transport bar.dorico (844.5 KB)

flow 1: no metronome mark: transport shows q = 120
flow 2: metronome mark q. = 80: transport bar shows q. = 80

It should be possible to specify both the time unit and the value when using fixed tempo mode.

Daniel, some suggestions to consider concerning the fixed tempo mode:

  1. The value you specify should be saved with the document. If I activate fixed tempo mode and edit the tempo value, if I close Dorico and reopen the document, I will see q=120 and not the value you set.

  2. It should be possible to set the beat unit when using fixed tempo mode.

I’m working on a collection of short melodies that use the same tempo. I have 20, 30, or more flows in a document, one for each melody. Now I have to add a metronome mark to each of the flows because if I specify the tempo using the fixed tempo mode, the next time I open the file, the tempo is back on q=120

Thanks for listening!

I agree.

Transport bar does not change to match time signature (shift-M) changes, but does respond to metronome mark (shift-T) changes.
Transport bar2.dorico (848.9 KB)

Flow 1: no metronome mark, but with time signature changes.
Flow 2: with both metronome mark and time signature changes.
Flow 3: only metronome mark changes.