Changing to higher sample rate and reimporting converted audio?

I got loads of audio clips that have been converted in the audio pool when imported into a Cubase project from between 96khz and 48khz converted to 44Khz (as that’s the sample rate my projects has been). I need to export the project in true 48khz and not sure if changing the sample rate of the project now will just upsample the converted audio with blank empty bits or if it reimports it from the original folders where the higher sample rate audio clips are?
Basically I wish to change to true 48khz audio, and not upsampled 44khz samples (thats already been downsampled from 48k or higher)
How do one go about this problem here?
Somehow reimport the audio clips?

Any help is greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome,

It will definitely upsample with and empty bits. There is a resampling process, which takes care about it.

Please, have a look to the Pool. Which file is used here? The source one, or the resampled one?

Thanks for the reply!
The audio in the sample pool is all resampled, as they all are leading to the Cubase project audio folder, and not the original folder of the clips.
It seems only the sample rate and not bit depth has been converted. So the project has been set to 44khz and 24bit, and the audio clips in the pools are all 44khz (with an expection of one or two clips for some reason), but the bit depth vary from 24bit to 32bit float.

Then it will be resampled from 44.1 to 48kHz while export.

I see.
So if I change the sample rate of the project now, will the audio pool be resampled to true 48khz?
Or did you mean that even if the project is 44.1khz and exported as 48khz it will be resampled from the source folder to true 48khz upon export of the track?

I don’t think it would since the files are in the pool/project folder already and already downsampled. I think there might be a way to replace samples in the arrangement window but I don’t know how to do it, you will have to google it or wait for someone else to reply. On another note. Very few people can hear or tell the difference between 44.1hz and 48khz so it’s extremely unlikely if not impossible that your client will know it was up sampled to 48khz but next time, if you know that you are going to be supplying at 48khz when you start, it’s best to make your project at 48khz before you start if you want to get true 48khz with no issues.

Just thinking about this myself (wanting to take advantage of new SRC)… Will have to manually re-import samples if they have been resampled in previous Cubase versions.

Its like converting a mp3 to a Wav, what is lost can’t magically come back.
You would have to set the project up for 48k and reimport all the 96k and 48k files again.
Not worth it, 44.1k has the same resolution as 48k, 48k has just extended top frequency range.
It is highly doubtful that anyone could hear a difference in the SRC used, but not impossible.