Changing UAD console parameters with MIDI CC from Cubase

Hey, So I am trying to send MIDI CC data from Cubase to the UAD Console Application to automate key changes in the Autotune Advances plugin. I have been able to accomplish this in Ableton but I prefer Cubase for playback. Can anyone help me to do it with Cubase? Thanks!


happy to help, but could you please be a little bit more specific :slight_smile:
do you have question how to setup a midi track and the CC Lanes in Cubase

or do you have questions about the midi routing?

Sorry I wasn’t more specific. So as the band progresses through songs every time a new song comes up I want a midi track to communicate with Autotune ( which is being ran from UAD Console) to switch the key of the song. I have the auto tune receiving midi information on channel one and specifically the key parameter to be listening on CC 15. I’m having trouble getting cubase to send on those channels so auto tune can actually hear the midi data. Note I am also using an IMac so my virtual midi device is set up and selected as the output for the midi channel.

understood, i have used cubase in the past to control my axe fx parameters and it worked like a charme

so you have already created a miditrack in cubase, setup the cc15 events and routed it tor your virtual midi output?