Changing Value of Multiple Automation Points via Inspector Doesn't Work

While we can multi-select automation points in the montage and move them with the mouse, editing the value in the “Automation/Envelope” section of the inspector only edits the value for the last selected point.

Consider a selection as follows, with the left point selected before the right.

Then if I edit the “Value” field in the inspector with both points selected, only the latter is changed (as seen below).

My expectation would be that all selected points have the typed value applied to them.

WL Version: 11.1.10 (build 39)
Operating System: macOS 12.4
Licensing: Steinberg Licensing

Currently not possible. But why not. However, this make sense only of the two points have the same initial value.

Why does it only make sense if the points have the same initial value? It could just set all selected points to the typed value; indeed, that’s the use case I have in mind for this most often.