Changing values under Mousecursor (CMC AI)

The possibility to change values with Mouse Up/Down Movements is a good one. But the resolution is very fine (about 2 px). If you have High DPI Monitors and a fast mouse this can get a bit of precision work. :wink:
Sometimes i would love to have a key command which just in-/decreases the value under the mouse cursor. But i guess there is nothing like this.

I own a Steinberg CMC AI Controller. So with this i can turn knobs like in VST Instruments (Halionsonic) if i hoover above the knobs. Thats great. But nothing happens if i hoover above other parameters in the project like Notename of an Event or the Transposevalue of an part. I don´t know if i can teach the CMC AI to do that?

So my question is. Are there any other ways beside the mouseoperations or typing values in to change values under the mousecursor?


With CMC AI knob, you can adjust automation-able parameters only.

Ah, ok. Thank you!