Changing velocities of groups of notes in the Score Editor

Hello folks

Simple question here…
I have Cubase version 9.
In Score Editor is it possible to select a group that have various different velocities, and then change the velocity of all of them two a specified figure in one go?
I can select a single note and then type in a desired velocity value - and it will change.
I can select a group of notes of the same velocity and then type in a desired velocity value - and it will change.
But if the group of notes selected have various different velocity values then the new figure I type in will only change the first note.
Is there a way around this?


This is because when you select a group a notes the velocity displayed in the toolbar is that of the first note selected, but when you change this value you actually change the “relative” velocity of the group. This means if the velocity of the first note is 125 and the last 5, you can only lower overall velocity by 5. The last note being the limiting factor in this case.

Now, to work around this what I suggest is that while all your desired notes are selected, instead of simple clicking, just hold Ctrl and click once the orange value in the Toolbar. This way you equalize all velocities for the selected notes to middle value 64, and then you can change it to any value for all the notes.

Thank you so much Maestro! That saves me a lot of time!