Changing verses on Dorico for iPad

I’m inputting lyrics for a hymn on Dorico for iPad. The manual says to press the down arrow to go enter the next verse, but when I press the down arrow on my Apple magic keyboard nothing happens. Is there an alternate way to enter the second verse? I’m working on a hymn for a funeral tomorrow, so any quick help would be appreciated.

Unfortunately this isn’t yet supported in Dorico for iPad. Sorry! It’s something we are planning to add.

Michael, may be this workaround might help you for tomorrow:
“ …enter the first lyric that you want to be on the second line, then in the Properties panel, set it to be in line 2, then double-tap it to edit it and keep typing from there: now it will continue writing on the second line.”

This doesn’t work. If I change the Line of one word, then every lyric before it changes as well. I still can’t see a way to start a second verse. Why is this so hard for the programmers to implement properly? E.g. tap the digit in the popover to give us a context menu that doesn’t rely on using a keyboard.

novelty, the workaround at this time is to start with the second verse input, change - as suggested - one word to Line two. After you have finished inputting this Lyric line, start again by using the Popover, this time inputting the first Line of lyrics…
It is a long time ago I tried this, but it should work.

[edit] I just tried again: you can actually change the line for one syllable only, without effecting the other syllables an words of that line:

Still there is a little quirky behaviour: I input Line 1, select every word, then via Property panel change to Lyrics Line 2. I can then start again new Lyrics line 1. Lyrics Line 2 show in the Property panel now as Line 3 (that’s weird), but I can select them again and change them to Line 1(!), which makes them into Line 2….

I don’t see “Syllable type”. What version of Dorico are you using?

novelty, I am using the most recent iPad version of Dorico.