Changing voices on drum part

Hi - I’m struggling to make sense of the Voices capabilities when working on a drum chart… can someone help clarify?

See the attached image… what I want to accomplish:

  • Remove the blue rests in the 6/4 bar and in measures 13 & 14
  • Change the orange notes to rhythm slashes w/o affecting the red notes

The documentation regarding ‘starts voice’ and ‘ends voice’ doesn’t seem to have any effect, nor does ‘change voice’… two tools that seem to indicate should help solve the problem, but seem to have no effect.

I’m happy to post the file if it would help… but seems the forum prevents uploading .dorico files.


Percussion Kits work differently to every other type of stave, because behind the scenes they effectively condense music from lots of individual staves to one stave. You can’t use “starts voice” or “ends voice” and you can’t use “remove rests”. There are ways around it, though. See this post for a few useful posts on this stubject.

Thanks for the reply… I’d did see some of those other posts…but to the software development team: Would help in documentation if they made it more clear that these things don’t work in certain contexts… otherwise, me, someone new to the product sees conflicting info between old posts and what is in the ‘latest and greatest’ documentation, having no idea if I am doing something wrong, assuming you still didn’t solve (rightly or wrongly), solved in some other specific way, etc…

Aside from that, though, great product… learning if it suits my needs… finding more that I like vs. don’t. Keep up the good work. Do you share a roadmap anywhere?

Not officially, no. Sometimes Daniel says this or that feature or improvement will be included in an upcoming version, but not usually.