changing vst instruments

Once you’ve either recorded or imported a midi track… or imported an entire midi orchestration sequence, and you want to listen to the tracks through different vst instruments to compare, how do you do a simple instrument change? Like if everything is playing through halion sonic se and you want to change the instrument to halion 5 or omnisphere or whatever, how do you do that?

I’ve heard things such as drag the midi file(s) into the new instrument track. I’ve tried that but I guess I don’t know what to drag where because it doesn’t work. I’ve tried clicking on the instrument on the right hand side of the screen where the instrument pane is… and it will let me switch to a different instrument but it asks if I want to discard all changes to the first one. I have to click yes in order to switch instruments but then there is no sound when I hit play.

I’ve also read somebody say to switch instruments in the inspector pane. Not sure how to do that.

What am I missing?

To simply change the instrument…

Click on the Instrument name, which will open the pop-up where you can select a different one.

Well I got it to work but I have to manually insert each instrument in each track. I thought you could just replace one instrument with another and it would just automatically load all the correct instruments to the correct tracks on its own. I guess I was wrong. It sure is a painfully long process

Indeed. There is no global “Replace Instrument A with Instrument B”.