Changing VST instruments

Hello there, just trying the demo version of Essentials at the moment, had a couple of questions.

Firstly, I’m importing a midi file and that works.

How though do I change the instrument for a track, I tried all the buttons and nothing is obvious. I would like to change to another VST instrument for a particular track.

Also, with the same MIDI file. It has set up HALion Sonic SE for the instrument when it imported the MIDI file. This has various sounds, which I can change and hear the difference when I play the track. But when I stop the track it reverts back to the default instrument - how do I make my changes permanent for the track please ?

Many thanks !

regarding changing the instrument for the track you should be able to go to the inspector and click on the current instrument and a drop down menu should appear with the choice of instruments…click on the one you want.

dunno aboutthe other question…


Thanks - I found I had to add them to the VST Instruments first (f11).

The other problem was build in commands in the mid file I was using - I just had to delete the controls.