changing vst sound between flows.

in a piano only piece with 3 flows, how do you use a different piano sound for each flow ?
I find that if I change the vst instrument or patch on one flow, it changes all the flows.
I tried loading the 3 copies of the vst, but can’t seem to assign them to the flows separately.

You could use three different piano players, and assign one of them to each Flow.

This is something that will become easier to achieve when it becomes possible to assign individual voices belonging to each instrument to a different endpoint in Play mode, which is planned for a future version.

(@pianoleo) interesting idea. but would mean copying all the music to the new players (the new players have no music), and then deal with all that propagate formatting stuff I currently avoid by just using the fullscore output.

Would be nice if the player maintains its sound flow-to-flow unless changed. Play menu seems constructed to allow this, but it doesn’t seem to work.

If you’re only using the full score output, then all three players will appear in that score - there’s nothing to propagate anywhere. Assign Piano 1 to Flow 1, Piano 2 to Flow 2 and Piano 3 to Flow 3, or set Layout Options to hide empty staves throughout.

but all the music is already written for player1 for all 3 flows. so players 2,3 are empty as are their parts.
Is there an easy way to copy all the music to the new players ?
I see your point on the propagate though.

Assign all three players to all three flows.
Set Layout Options to hide empty staves throughout.
Go into Galley View, select the music on Piano 1, cut and paste to Piano 2 (or 3).

@pianoleo. I confirmed this technique prints and plays perfectly. thanks.