Channel Batch Export option

Hi all,
I’m missing an option in the export audio mixdown window,
Could there be a checkbox like the “mono downmix” or “split files” that would be “keep original channel configuration” so that we could export mono, stéréo or any kind of multi-channel at the same time please ?

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I’m confused. When I do post projects I typically export so that I get exactly the channel configuration I want. The way I do it is I route any desired (sub)mix of audio to an output which has no physical output attached to it, and then I select those outputs for my mixdowns.

So I will in some cases for example run all my dialog into a stereo group which is the last stage of processing, and then using the direct outputs I will send that dialog both to the main stereo mix, the mix minus narration which is also stereo, but also to the “dialog mono” output. That way I get exactly what I need.

Are you looking for something else?

Thanks for your feedback Mattias, I’ll try your method next time but I would like to be able to export a whole multitrack project without having to think about routing, groups and submixes…
In other words, I would like to batch export all the audio tracks in a project and having the resulting audio files with the same channel configuration as the original audio tracks.

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Ok, but… I’m having trouble seeing what you’re currently not able to do. Are you saying that if you have a mono audio track that routes to a main mix stereo output and you select that audio track for batch export audio mixdown you get it as stereo?

And does render in place not do the job?

Exactly, if I tick mono audio tracks for a batch export, the files will end up as stereo files unless I tick “mono mixdown”, but then my stereo tracks will end up as mono files…

I have yet to dig the render in place function…

I suppose it makes sense for it to render as stereo. After all, if you’re rendering a mixdown it would include not only inserts but panning and level changes at the fader. That sort of implies that we’re looking at the signal after it’s been panned to the channel count of the destination channel/output.

I think it’d be potentially confusing if we had the option of doing this batch export pre-fader for different reasons.

So this is why I’m thinking that render-in-place seems like the logical place to do what you need to do. Not only that, but I think there are other benefits for you over batch exporting files.

I have Cubase 5 essential and when I Try to batch out my project it don’t give me the opinion to select it at the top. All it shows is (output channels>stereo out)