Channel Batch Export

Hi All,
Was wondering if anyone found a way to do this:
I’m trying to export several tracks in batch form so I will have all separate tracks. These tracks will have to line up in another studio so I usually put a count on the beginning of each track. That’s not a problem for me when I’m exporting one track because I just put the count on another track and solo both tracks. If I try this with bulk, the count track is just going to land on a separate track instead of being in front of each track. What is your technique for doing this?
Just so you know, I am exporting both audio and VSTi tracks as audio.
Thanks for your thoughts.


I don’t see any point to adding a count.
Just export from the same start point and they can’t fail to line up in any other DAW or computer.

As Grim says start all tracks from the same point.

It might be easier to do you track exports using Render in Place. Just select all the events on the required tracks and choose ‘As One Event’ in the Render in Place dialogue. You can render with or without effects. Your files will be found in the specified folder.

Now if with batch export you export the single track outs and the count is on a dedicated single track, it will obviously also be exported as such.

It’s been my experience that tracks don’t always line up with preconceived tracks on another DAW. I know that tracks given to me that are supposed to be on grid don’t always line up. With some song types, timing is critical and this ensures me that my hard work for timing is on point.
Without counts, my outgoing tracks may be in time with each other but may not be with the destination track.

I know. That’s my problem. My question is what’s the alternative?

If tracks given to you are not lining up then chances are the export was not done correctly.

You could route your count to a group or to a phantom buss and set that as input on all other tracks then record it in real time to all of them at once.

-Export busses that include the count
-copy the count to any track you batch export

I’ve been looking to input tracks from another track forever and users tell me it can’t be done in Cubase. You can do that? That is if I am interpreting you correctly.

Yes you can do that.

You can do it only from summing busses you can not input audio tracks directly.

Ok, thanks. I’ll have to refresh on summing as I have never done that before.

You never used a group channel? Route track to group, select group as record input.

Use group channels all the time. Just came up short on the “summing” terminology. :slight_smile:

The rest of the world calls those “busses”… :joy: