Channel Change for different patches- cc lanes only work for channel 1

In the absence of key switches for one of my string libraries, (and because I want to keep each string line on its own track, and not separate tracks for each articulation/patch), I have been experimenting with using CHANNEL CHANGE and have discovered something very puzzling.

First I set the track to channel ‘any’. I load the instance with 3 patches - legato, pizzicato and tremolo, and assign each patch with its own channel - 1, 2 or 3. Then in Key Edit, I select all my legato notes and put them on channel 1. I put pizz on 2 and tremolo on 3. It works really well, except when I attempt to edit the sounds in the controller lanes. Lets take Expression, CC11. In this string library, it makes the notes louder. What’s happening is this: it completely ignores the data in CC11 for every patch except the one that’s assigned to channel 1. It took a lot of experimenting to get to this conclusion. Whichever patch I assign to channel 1, that’s the one that gets Expression. lol.

I tried it with a different string library. Same results. I discovered it 2 weeks ago when using Cubase 8.5, so I prayed it was some kind of bug that would be all fixed in Cubase 9. So I got with the program and upgraded to the latest version of 9. No difference - same problem. Then I wondered if it was just the channel with the lowest number so I changed the channels to 10, 11 and 12. Nothing worked at all. THEN the worst thing of all happened. I changed 11 back to 1 and it didn’t work any more! I had to create a new track to get channel 1 to respond to CC11.

Is there something obvious I’m missing? Is there more I should be troubleshooting? The results are the same on my husband’s set up and he’s in a different room with his own version of Cubase 8.5 Pro.

That’s why Note Expression was introduced. Have you discovered that in your Cubase perusals? If not, double click a note in the Key editor, and draw in a CC, and check it out:

Maybe as workaround you can try this.

I would have a look at Midi controller automation in manual - and automation merge modes.
You can decide if a controller is handled like automation or separate midi data.
So in list editor you can modify channel for notes as needed.

So midi controller automation setup dialog let you decide behavior for each controller.

I have not checked if you can go back and forth between modes for a controller and what happends when you change it.

If in doubt what is sent to instrument - check out midi monitor plugin - very useful.

I have some external gear that only respond on channel 1 for expression, so some cases exist where it’s on the instrument part, not the sequencer.