Channel Edit Open/Close Question

Why is the channel edit open/close function only available in the project window?

ie: If I’m in the project window scrolling up and down to different tracks, I can open the channel on the mixer with a KC. But if I select the channel directly on the mixer itself, the KC doesn’t work (??).

Stranger still, regardless of how I opened the channel (project window KC or physically selecting the channel edit button with the cursor) the KC will close it. So why can’t I open it with the KC from the mixer directly? :question:


In Preferences, Do you have the box checked to select channel when you click on the mixing console?

Nuendo 6_ Channel Select Preferences.jpg
Basically it breaks down like this. I wrote a key command that, for some bizar reason, only works 75% of the time.
25% = opening from the project window
25% = closing from the project window
25% = closing from the mixer

The missing 25% is being able to OPEN the channel editor FROM the mixer. I don’t understand why that one location doesn’t work and, of all the variables, that one would be the most important, since I’m scrolling through channels on the mixer, NOT the project page’s channels.

Any ideas for how to get that other 25% to start working?