Channel EDIT - VCA Fader

I was wondering , when you use the Target button in “Edit Channel”, you can see all the channels your track is going to, with the exception of the VCA fader…That would be very nice so you can use all faders within this window.
Or do I miss something here?

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If you mean the “show output chain” button, that shows all the channel where the tracks’ audio is routed to. VCA faders don’t carry audio, so they don’t disappear there. This is most likely by design.

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Thanks, would be handy though to have all your volume controls in one window.

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Sure. But, isn’t it useful to know what faders the VCA fader controls? It is. And now a curve ball: Whose window is “Edit Channel Settings”? Is it the mixconsole’s, or the project’s? Because in the mixconsole we can see the coloured Link Group that the VCA fader creates, and know at a glance (or two) which faders are controlled by the VCA fader.

What’s more, the Visibility Agent “Show Channels connected to the first selected channel” DOES work for the VCA fader, even though no audio passes through. It’s the “connection” that matters.

What’s missing, (for FX and Group and VCA tracks) is an inspector tab. “Sources”, “Clients”, “Connections”, I don’t know what the proper word should be. This tab could list all connections TO the VCA, Group, FX track. And allow us to quickly apply a visibility agent to only see these channels, like an exclusive spill, or allow us to quickly navigate to a track in the list by double clicking on it, or selecting it and have the Channel Settings window follow for quick adjustments.

The Channel Settings window could also mirror this information, which is the point of this feature request. (Key commands and MIDI targets for insert slot On/Off/Bypass/Edit, Sends On/Off/Pre/Post etc etc are also missing, but that’s another point.)

VCA tracks definitely don’t belong in the list of outputs for a track since they don’t carry audio, like fese wrote. It would be potentially confusing to have them in there.

VCAs are a different category.

I’m confused. Aren’t you asking at the end for what you say earlier already exists?

I can see the point in this. I think it needs to be separate from “outputs” though, but I think it’s a good request.

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The visibility agent exists in the MixConsole (Note the visibility agent is NOT available in the Track Visibility menu). It “can exist” in the project window too, via “Sync Project and Mixconsole” and “Sync Track/Channel Type filters”. But I consider this “a bit hidden”, or by proxy. Are we splitting hairs? Maybe we are. I’m just of the opinion that we should have a uniform overview of data, no matter if we are in the project, Channel Settings, or the MixConsole. Those windows do not offer a diverse enough overview of data to warrant different functions each. (Always in my opinion. Sorry for not being clear enough, I can’t find the best words right now.)