Channel Editor and VCA / Linked Channels

“e” Button in mixer will only open the correct track if the track is part of the selected vca, if clicked on a member of another vca, it shows the first member of the vca, not the track you clicked.

  1. On a session create 2 VCA, Drums and Music for example, with several channels each, disable all link options except vca fader.
  2. Click and select a track that is part of the VCA, for example Drums. All of the group members go grey.
  3. Click the “e” button on the mixer for any of the Drum tracks. “e” window opens correctly for the “clicked” track.
  4. Now, while “Drum” tracks are grey (selected), click on the “e” of, let’s say , the 3rd track of the Music VCA. Result: “e” window opens for the 1st track of the Music VCA, not the one you clicked (3rd). If you click again the “e” button on the 3rd track of Music Vca you get the correct window.

As a side note, besides sessions not remembering the VCA/ Link settings rendering vca 's not only useless, but the perfect weapon to destroy a mix, VCA shouldn’t force the selection of tracks or link anything, just purely control the faders.


The whole VCA thing needs to be tweaked a bit.

Posted a Feature Request Here:


This behaviour seems to be related to the channel link feature, regardless of wether you’re using a VCA fader or not. Clicking on the “e” button opens the channel edit window for the first channel in the group. Clicking a second time on the desired channel’s button then opens the right editor… Alternatively, you can highlight the desired channel in the mix console first and then the “e” button. Annoying, as this behaviour differs from that of the other channels that are not linked, where clicking the “e” button opens the desired window…

I have had to stop using VCA until I have time to re-read the manual because the linking has been confusing the heck out of me.

There have been some link things that, me not being too familiar with VCA, have not been very intuitive.