Channel EQ & LowCutFilter / -128db or Unlimited

Please, please…Why you are limiting us with 48 db LowCut ? It is not a cut with 48db, we need more like -128

This is also why people choose FabFilter EQ.

Please don’t limit us, make it like a brickwall -128 etc.

yes, I requested the same feature, they used to have it in Cubase 7.5! I’d like to have the exact same filter, I think that one was even steeper than 128dB, it was very surgical literally a brickwall (Elliptical?). I hope they would import the exact same filter from the previous Cubase version, specially since you already have the code? Updated to 10.5 hoping it’s gonna be there, but it wasn’t :cry:

Please please Steinberg, import the exact same HP/LP filter from Cubase 7.5 into the future updates. But I do mean the same, with exact same code, it was pretty unique.

Here is my original request: HP/LP filters from Cubase 7.5 - Cubase - Steinberg Forums