Channel EQ/Strip for Post Production?


  1. Do you use the Channel Eq for Post Production? How do you compensate Level?
  2. Is there a way to disable Pre + Inserts + EQ for one Channel with one click?
  3. Bypassing the Channel Strip doesn’t bypass the EQ although it’s part of it?

Thank You.

Check out the Frequency (v2) stock plug-in. Best EQ out there, IMO.

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  1. yes ,i use stock nuendo eq/plugins every day, the are great, channel eq is post insert (it can be pre insert if you want) so i use the fader to compensate.
  2. you could try to make a macro comand, otherwise i dont know.
  3. yea that is strange

I use Frequency a lot but i like seeing the EQ-Curve in the Mixer.

  1. That‘s how i made it too, but you won‘t have a gain matched comparison.

I don’t find much use for matching gain to compare the sound of what I’m EQing for the post work I do. In my situation I typically EQ things in isolation and most EQ I apply is ‘corrective’. So I get something to sound ‘correct’ and then that’s that. Not that much more to mess around with.

Even in cases where there’s more of an artistic sculpting of the sound not matching levels don’t bother me that much.

But to answer your other question: I use Frequency a lot more than the strip EQ. The strip EQ is fine but the other one has some advantages I like.


I use the strip for voice compression (Radio adds/Podcast/whatever) and the Strip EQ for everything.
Have done complete TV series with no other EQ than the stock EQ.



I don’t use the channel strip at all for post because I don’t like the default plugin layouts on my control surface and I haven’t found a way to create custom layouts for the channel strip, only for plugins. I come from pro tools though which is all plugins anyway so it feels natural to me too.

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I use the SSL channel strip (their version, not the Waves/UAD emulation) with a matching hardware controller. As it’s an insert, if you click the blue dot in the inserts heading all inserts (including the channel strip and eq) will be bypassed with a single click.

The EQ in that channel strip doesn’t do auto gain. FabFilter Q3 has something for that if it’s important. Don’t use auto gain, so can’t speak to it’s effectiveness. As it would also be an insert, same applies to single click bypass.

Also the SSL channel strip, as it’s a single plugin, has it’s own bypass button which is also mirrored on the hardware controller for easy access. So eq, dynamics, and any gain adjustments you made in the channel strip have a single bypass.

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You gotta love the “compare EQ to other channel/Group” function, reason enough to use strip EQ :slight_smile:

UAD AMS Neve DFC Channel Strip is the puppy for me.
Absolutely stonking strip for Post usage, designed for the job and is what you have on the AMS Neve Digital Film Console - it has everything you need. To quote from the web page:

The UAD AMS Neve DFC Channel Strip is not a modeled version of the console’s channel strip — it is the channel strip. Because the DFC uses the same floating-point architecture as the UAD platform, the developers at AMS Neve were able to map the console’s DSP, instruction for instruction, providing the plug-in with the identical algorithms, features, and sound as the original.