Channel link question


Currently, if I click on the Master channel, it gets highlighted meaning that it is selected. If I click on another channel in the mixer, the Master channel gets deselected as it should. However, if I click on the Master channel and then select a track from the workspace area and NOT the mixer, it keeps the Master channel selected so both channels are now selected. It acts as if I was holding down the CTRL button.

This only happens with the Master channel. So what happens is, I would go to add a plugin on the channel that I selected and if I have Q-link on, it ends up adding the plugin to both the channel I selected and the Master channel. You can see how this can get frustrating. Im not sure if this is a 9.5.10 update issue but I only noticed it after. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Unless I’m misunderstanding you, this doesn’t happen on my system.

Here’s a 19 second clip of what’s happening. I probably didn’t explain it right. Thanks

That’s what I thought you meant and it doesn’t happen on my system.

I can confirm that this happens on my system.

But, I made some further tests and I think it’s to do with the first selected track being in a closed folder in the project. If the first track selected in the mixer is in a closed folder then it remains selected when selecting a track in the project window which is outside the closed folder.

In the case of the master output channel, it’s folder is called Input/Output Channels and if this is closed, which it is by default, then the master output channel remains selected. But it actually happens with any track inside a closed folder.

Put in another way, if a track is in a closed folder then it’s selection status is not changed when other tracks are selected in the project window.

I’m not sure whether this is by design or a bug, but I’d go bug if I had to…


…and I think someone else mentioned this Folder aspect the other day…shall have a search later maybe.

This is exactly what’s happening. I just tested it. now I have to worry about folder tracks…smh. Thanks for the info. I’m gonna go with this is a bug. Not sure I can picture a scenario where this would be helpful but who knows. Everyone has their own workflow.