Channel metering

Every track has a meter that only shows the peak level. The option to make a meter that bough shows average and peak level wood be nice. If possible the option to switch other metering types wood be nice to.

It’s a HUGE +1 from me. And it’s far from being the first time we’ve asked for this.

Peak metering is redundant in all but a few places (inputs, master out, external FX). 32/64-bit processing means there’s enough headroom that the peak isn’t important unless you’re using ancient/poorly designed plugins.

PLEASE give us the option to set channel meters to VU, PPM, K-scale, TP or LUFS metering. (Hint: Pro Tools HD even offers gain-reduction meters on the channel). Ideally, make it possible to set each channel or type of channel (input, audio, group etc) individually to different types, and set the metering to different colours so you can tell at a glance what meter type is in use.