Channel Notepad Scroll Bar Vanishes After Clicking/Exiting Out of Channel Notepad

  1. Create an audio track
  2. Click on Notepad
  3. Fill the Notepad
  4. Scroll bar appears, nice
  5. Scroll down
  6. Click out of Notepad
  7. Scroll bar vanishes. Text scrolls back to the top. No way to view notes at the bottom of the Notepad without editing the Notepad again.

Previous Cubase functionality, add extra text to notepad, scrollbar appears, scrollbar used to hold it’s position after clicking of the notepad, now it vanishes.

This makes it impossible to read or see notes that take up more than the small section. I used to be able to type good take numbers here and separate them all by a return/enter but I can’t do this now as I can’t see the bottom text when comping takes and also because of a related bug below…

Related bug: If you do step 6 when the arrangement window is maximized, your mouse cursor will vanish. Entering text in a channel notepad in maximized arrangement view causes the mouse pointer to permanently disappear. See related bug: